Learn basic skills in carpentry, plumbing and electrical trades

Program: Building Trades Helper



Program length: 12 Weeks

Start date: Contact the Registrar


  • Aurora College Record of Participation


  • Classroom
  • Lab

Program Description

The Building Trades Helper program is a 12-week program that will prepare students for entry-level employment opportunities in the construction industry. Students will learn basic construction, renovation and maintenance tasks. These skills will enable students to assist trades people such as: carpenters, electricians, plumbers, drywallers, painters, and mechanical contractors.

Program Eligibility

Applicants wishing to enrol in this program must have: a desire to work in the Construction Industry, be physically fit and have good hand eye coordination.
Reference letters would be an asset.

Applicant Assessment

Applicants need to:

  • Submit academic transcripts or Aurora College Adult Literacy and Basic Education records.
  • Submit a letter of interest explaining the desire to enter the program.

Program Admission

Applicants will be admitted to the program based upon program eligibility.

Program Information

The program duration is 12 weeks. Students will be learning the theoretical components in synchronization with the practical components. The most modern equipment will be used in the learning process and will be fully representative of the construction environment. The different courses will be sequenced to enable students to perform the practical component with the greatest possible ease.

Program Objectives

Upon successful completion of the program, the student will have:

  1. Determined their personal suitability for work and continued study in the trades sector;
  2. Gained knowledge and skills that will enhance their ability to function effectively within a construction setting;
  3. Developed valuable employment and study skills.

Completion Requirements

Participants must complete all core courses in order to complete the program.

Document of Recognition

Aurora College Record of Participation