Student Housing at Aurora College

Living in student housing while attending and Aurora College campus can add to your student life experience.  Student housing provides an opportunity to meet your classmates, study together, and build connections. 

Aurora College provides a selection of housing options for single students and for those with families. Prospective students can apply for student housing when they complete the online program application form. 

If you are applying to a program that doesn’t have an online application, have already applied for your program online but your housing needs have changed, or for further information, please contact campus housing staff listed on the individual campus housing pages.

To be eligible for housing, students must be registered in a full-time program and housing will be assigned once you are accepted into a program.

Apply for Student Housing

  1. Open and download or print the Housing Application Form. This form is a PDF. If you do not have a PDF reader installed, you can:
  2. Save the form and send it to the campus that you are applying to. Housing availability varies considerably from campus to campus. If your program is offered at multiple campuses, and you require housing in order to attend, then consider applying for housing at multiple campuses.Completed Housing Applications can be sent to the following:
  3. Student Housing will acknowledge all housing requests within 2 business days. If you have not received an acknowledgement, please contact the campus Student Housing Office directly to ensure they have received your application.
  4. Student Housing is assigned after April 1. You will receive an email by April 7 informing you if you have been assigned a unit or been put on a waitlist.

Housing Information