Value: TBA

Number Available: 1

Deadline:  May 15th

Established in 2010 in memory of Jonas Konge, the Jonas Konge Memorial Fund was established to:

  1. Support NWT residents pursuing post-secondary studies in medicine or nursing, and
  2. Provide support to the Stanton Territorial Hospital Foundation to fund the purchase of new capital equipment or programs (approved and identified by the Department of Health of the GNWT) in the area of Pediatrics or Neonatal care. Grants will be designed to support new initiatives for the Stanton Territorial Hospital and or Government approved clinic settings and not to replace existing capital equipment.

Applications for the scholarship are open to individuals resident in Yellowknife (first priority) and other Northwest Territories communities for at least five years. To be eligible, an individual must be entering their second or subsequent year of post-secondary studies in medicine or nursing at a recognized College or University and be planning to practice in the Northwest Territories after they graduate. First priority will be given to applicants from Yellowknife and those studying Pediatrics or Neonatal care.

The deadline for applications is May 15 of each year. Applications must include a written essay of a maximum of 500 words on:

  • Why they are applying for the grant,
  • The qualities exhibited by the applicant in their chosen field,
  • How the scholarship will contribute to them achieving their goals.

Applications must also include:

  • Written confirmation of acceptance in the second year of post-secondary studies in medicine or nursing,
  • Information on the field of study being undertaken,
  • Two letters of reference attesting to the applicant’s involvement in the activities described and demonstrate the above-listed qualities,
  • A copy of the applicant’s most recent transcripts,
  • Proof of Residency (PDF 176kb) form must be submitted along with the application.

Submit completed applications to  Yellowknife Community Foundation: