Value: $1000

Number Available: 1

Deadline:  See Website

Our ancestors make reference to, “As long as the sun shines, the grass grows, and the rivers flow…” that this will be followed because this is what the creator and elders want. Marilyn did as they advised; she always used wise and knowledgeable judgment. During Marilyn’s life with us, she dedicated her time to promoting, preserving, and enhancing Treaty #8. ATG honours, acknowledges, and promotes the contributions of the late Marilyn Sanderson by providing one scholarship of $1,000 in her memory.

  • You must be a Treaty 8 member registered to one of the five (5) Dene First Nations of Deninu Kue, Lutsel K’e, Smith’s Landing, Yellowknives Dene (Dettah or Ndilo).
  • Enrolled in a post-secondary or a recognized college or institution and/or employed and require training within the Member First Nation in the field of business management, accounting,
  • Must return to your First Nation community for employment


  • Qualification by student academic performance
  • Attendance
  • Reference letters to prove motivation and enthusiasm

Interested applicants must submit the following:

  • Prepared title page
  • A two-page summary of their academic interests and achievements, extra-curricular interests, and career goals. (maximum 2 pages)
  • Two or more reference letters
  • A transcript of courses or a letter from the Registrar’s Office indicating current year enrollment status and program
  • Copy of Status Card (front and back) – If you do not have a valid card, a letter from your First Nation can be submitted.
  • Current phone number, mailing address and e-mail address so that you may be easily contacted, a letter from your First Nation can be submitted.

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