Gahcho Kué Mine is awarding twelve $2,000 bursaries annually until 2030. The bursaries support part-time online certificate and diploma graduates living in the NWT who, because of their part-time status, are ineligible for government funding. Most participants are already working in childcare facilities or in the classroom as assistants in local schools.

These bursaries are part of a larger set of community-based programs that fall under Gahcho Kué Mine’s Building Forever plan. Launched in 2020, Building Forever aims to provide lasting benefits to host communities and includes commitments to protect the natural world, accelerate equal opportunity, partner for thriving communities, and lead ethical practices across industry.



  • $2,000 annually

Number Available

  • 12


  • Bursaries will be awarded to the top 12 students with the highest grades across graduates of the college’s part-time distance Early Learning and Child Care Program, determined by Grade Point Average at the completion of the year.

How to Apply

  • Eligible students who complete the online program requirements for either a certificate or diploma will be advised by e-mail of the application process