Value: $1,000

Deadline: Whenever a 100% grade is achieved on a Government Apprentice exam

Details: Alexander (Sandy) & Colleen Napier have established a $1,000 one-time award


  • Must be a registered NWT Apprentice
  • Must be a registered Aurora College student attending Apprenticeship Theory
  • First student to have scored a grade of 100% on a Government Apprenticeship exam, either Territorial/Provincial or Interprovincial (including Trades Qualifications exam)
  • Apprentices who have previously taken the same level or similar in the a southern jurisdiction would not be eligible for the award
  • The award is not applicable to any challenged exam without completing level theory at Aurora College


  • $1000 will be paid out to the first successful student
  • Bursary/Scholarship’s payable to a student will be initially applied to cover, if any, outstanding amounts due to their account *

Award will be confirmed/approved by the Associate Registrar, Finance & the Program Head of Trades

Apply to:

Aurora College
Phone: (867) 920-3039
Fax: (867) 873-0333