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Robert’s Rules of Order – Online

April 25 @ 9:00 am 4:00 pm

Have you ever played a team sport where only a few of the players knew the rules? The same types of challenges can occur in your meetings if your group does not understand how to properly “play the game”. In this one-day online session, you will learn the basics of Robert’s Rules of Order, the foremost manual on parliamentary procedures that is used by most organizations with boards of directors. By following these rules and other tips included in this session, you can ensure your meetings will be fair, efficient, democratic and orderly.

  1. What are Roberts Rules of Order?
    • History of the book
    • What are the principles behind these rules?
  2. Motions
    • What is a motion?
    • Types of motions and their purposes
    • Presenting a motion
    • Seconding a motion
    • Debating a motion
    • Amending a motion
    • Withdrawing a motion
    • Voting on a motion
  3. Requesting Points of Something
    • What is a ‘Point’?
    • Types of points and their purposes
  4. Tips for chairpersons of a meeting
    • Know and teach your group the rules of order
    • Set meeting times and dates that work
    • Notify and confirm attendance
    • Prepare and distribute an agenda in advance
    • Request reports in advance
    • Start & finish on time
    • Stick to the agenda
    • Assign time limits for reports/debates
    • Ensure action items are clear and assigned
    • Do an Action Item Review each meeting
    • Dealing with “hot topics”
    • Make every decision unanimous

Heather Lyon