Source Water Protection

Course number: ENSC 0250

Course length: 45 hrs

Course credits: 3 credits

Course description:

This course introduces students to the concept of source water protection and challenges students to use available planning tools to design and develop source water protection plans. The course focuses on six key components that communities must know to meaningful plan and protect their drinking water sources: 1) where water comes from; 2) how water moves through the Earth’s systems and arrives at homes; 3) how water is impacted by the physical, chemical, biological and human environments; 4) where the vulnerable points in the water system are; 5) how risks can be assessed and managed to reduce vulnerability; and, 6) how water protection planning and monitoring processes use and honour local and traditional knowledge. The course is designed to be interactive and hands-on in nature and is intended to be delivered in one of two formats – either as an elective course in a diploma program or as a general interest distance education course or a community workshop.

Note: This course was developed with the support of the Institute for Watershed Science and the Indigenous Environmental Studies Department of Trent University and is intended to support the implementation of the Government of the Northwest Territories Water Stewardship Framework.

Course delivery:

  • In Person

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