Shop 2

Course number: CARP 0208

Course description:

This course provides instruction and practical experience in a shop setting. Participants are given an opportunity for skill development whereby they apply program concepts gained in the classroom through a series of practical applications. Participants will gain experience in sharpening tools and blades; fabricating projects such as a chisel box, tool chest and a multi-purpose cabinet; installing different types of interior doors including pocket, bi-fold and bi-pass doors; laying out and constructing interior and exterior walls; laying out and framing gable and hip roofs; laying out and cutting gable studs and collar ties; laying out and constructing an intersecting roof; constructing a major framing project as a group; laying out and fabricating stairs; sketching full size drawings related to the various shop projects, as well as, drawing a vertical stair section.

Course delivery:

  • In Person

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