Shop 1

Course number: CARP 0108

Course description:

This course provides instruction and practical experience in a shop setting. Participants are given an opportunity for skill development whereby they apply program concepts gained in the classroom through a series of practical applications. Participants will gain experience in sharpening tools; the safe use of common hand tools including hand planes, saws, and edge cutting, boring and clamping tools; and the safe operation of power tools including table saws, hand electric saws, jointers, and thickness planers, band saws, drill presses, power sanders, mitre saws, routers and biscuit jointers, and pneumatic tools. Participants will also perform operations using tools to build a nail tray, whetstone box, and finishing stool.  This course will also provide information and practical application on framing scaffold and basic rigging, building layout and setting elevations, constructing footing forms, constructing residential foundation forms, as well as, laying out and constructing floor frames.

Course delivery:

  • In Person

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