Problem Solving and Decision-Making

Course number: LEAD 0206

Course length: 11 hrs

Course description:

The Level 2 Problem Solving and Decision-Making course is designed to further develop students’ skills in effectively responding to complex problem-solving scenarios. Building upon the foundational knowledge gained in Level 1, this course takes a deeper dive into the various aspects of problem solving and decision making with an emphasis on emotional intelligence and critical thinking.


Students will engage in an in-depth exploration of their personal responses to problem solving using a recent EQ-i 2.0 self-assessment report. This tool will help students understand and manage their emotions when faced with challenging problem-solving situations. They will gain insights into their ability to remain objective, resist impulsive reactions, and find solutions that effectively address both the emotional and rational aspects of a problem.


By completing the Problem Solving and Decision-Making course, students will emerge with a heightened ability to tackle complex problems and make informed decisions in diverse and dynamic work environments. They will expand on the skills necessary to navigate through ambiguity, leverage their emotional intelligence, and apply advanced problem-solving techniques to drive organizational success.

Course delivery:

  • Online

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