Leading While Managing

Course number: LEAD 0205

Course length: 11 hrs

Course description:

Leading while Managing is an advanced course that builds upon the foundational topics covered in Level 1, focusing on the critical skill of effectively leading while managing. This course is designed for experienced leaders who are looking to enhance their abilities in balancing the responsibilities of both leading a team and managing day-to-day operations. Participants will delve deeper into the complexities of leadership, exploring advanced techniques for motivating and inspiring their teams while also ensuring the efficient execution of tasks and achieving organizational goals. Through interactive discussions, case studies, and real-world scenarios, participants will develop a comprehensive understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities that come with leading while managing. They will explore topics such as delegation, performance management, strategic decision-making, and fostering a culture of accountability. By integrating theory with practical applications, participants will refine their leadership style and purpose statements, acquiring the tools and strategies necessary to lead with clarity, influence, and resilience. Through this course, leaders will emerge with a heightened ability to navigate the intricacies of both leadership and management, driving organizational success while cultivating a motivated and engaged team.

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  • Online

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