Indigenous Peoples of the NWT

Course number: INDG 0211

Course length: 45 hrs

Course credits: 3 credits

Course description:

(Semester Six) (Formerly 035-211)

Drawing from research, writing, oral histories and indigenous knowledge of anthropologists, archaeologists, historians, and indigenous peoples and organizations, students will gain an understanding of the histories and cultures of indigenous peoples in the NWT from pre-contact to the present day. Students will gain an understanding of histories and cultures by learning about cultural and spiritual practices, subsistence lifeways, political development, and the influences and impacts of newcomers. Key concepts and themes such as indigenous knowledge, colonization, missionization, decolonization, and ongoing social impacts of these phenomena will be introduced from the perspectives of indigenous peoples and perspectives of scholars. Indigenous perspectives will be an integral part of the course delivery based on writings of indigenous peoples and scholars, new media produced by indigenous peoples’ representative organizations, and possibly the knowledge of indigenous guest speakers (depending on their availability).

Course delivery:

  • In Person

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