Health and Healing VII: Promoting Community and Societal Health

Course number: HLTH 0307

Course length: 45 hrs

Course credits: 3 credits

Course description:

(NURS 350)

(Semester Six) (Formerly 261-307)
This course focuses on the role of the nurse in the promotion of community and societal health. It is intended to be a companion course with Health and Healing VI. Students will continue to develop their competencies in relational practice with a focus on community and society as client. The political role of the nurse is explored as the emphasis is placed upon working with communities from a social justice and equity perspective. Community development and capacity building, as a pattern of community-health promotion practice, is explored. In addition, students will further develop their understanding of teaching and learning focusing on transformative and emancipatory approaches.

Course delivery:

  • In Person

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