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Aurora Campus Student Services

The Student Services Department supports students through: 
  • Counselling 
  • Tutoring 
  • Library Services
  • Registration Assistance
  • Housing and Security Services

Student Services staff assist students a variety of procedures from with completing applications to finding scholarships. They will help find the answers to help make students' time at Aurora College as enjoyable and successful as possible.

Student Counsellor

The Aurora Campus Counsellor is here to support students throughout their college experience. Counsellors listen but don't judge, helping students figure out a range of issues. From classroom or instructor issues to dealing with things at home like partners or children, Aurora College's dedicated counsellors are here to help take down barriers that might keep students from succeeding in school.  At different times throughout the school year the Counsellors teach workshops (some in class, some after class) on topics like alcohol and drugs, family violence, parenting, FASD and self esteem. Counsellors are a vital part of campus management, making sure that students enjoy events like AC week, Graduation and Orientationand working with the Student Council and the Graduation Committee on fundraising and planning. The Counsellor also assists students with scholarship applications.

Sheila O'Kane, Student Counsellor
(867) 777-7815

Registrar’s Office

The Registrar’s Office is responsible for administering student admissions and registrations for all full and part time students, and  maintaining all student records.  The Registrar's Office issues course marks, certificates, diplomas and transcripts and provides assistance to all applicants/students inquiring about program admission requirements, sponsorship, bursaries and scholarships. At Aurora Campus, the registrar is familiar with applications particular to the Beaufort Delta region including funding applications for Student Financial Assistance, Inuvialuit Education Foundation and Gwich’in Tribal Council.  The registrar office also coordinates testing admissions to Aurora College and provides invigilation services to anyone needing exams administered for Southern colleges and universities. Requests for classroom rental space is also managed from this office including AV equipment, classroom set up and catering requirements.

Lawrence VanBeek DTh, Registrar
(867) 872-7500 
Roberta Cardinal, Admissions Officer
(867) 777-7806
Kelli Coote, Registration Clerk/Receptionist
(867) 777-7802

Housing & Security

Aurora Campus offers housing for single students and those with families. Housing is determined by course length, family size and current housing availability. Family housing is provided in furnished three bedroom row houses close to campus. Residence style single-student accommodations are located across from the Main Campus building. The rates for accommodation are subsidized and very reasonable. All students must sign a lease agreement before they move in. Accommodation is only allocated for out-of-town students. Please note that students on short courses are not eligible for family accommodation.

Robbie Joe, Housing Officer
(867) 777-7824

Library & Student Success

Aurora Campus’ Library and Student Success Centre supports students both academically while at the college and with their future career plans. The Centre connects students with tutors and provides assistance with research and writing résumés and cover letters. Career information and assessments are also available.

Jonathan Wood, Student Life & Wellness Coordinator
(867) 777-7837
Melanie Adams, Librarian/Student Success Coordinator
(867) 777-7814


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