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Aurora College Student Services

Some of the many services provided by the Student Services Department are:

  • Orientation to college life
  • Academic, career and personal counselling
  • Employment counselling
  • Financial information
  • Personal development
  • Referrals
For information on the full range of services or hours of operation, please call the toll-free number for your campus, or click below.
Aurora Campus

(866) 287-2655
Thebacha Campus
(Fort Smith)

(866) 287-2655
Yellowknife /
North Slave Campus

(866) 291-4866
Registrar's Office

The Registrar’s Office at each campus is responsible for administering student admissions and registrations, course changes and maintaining student records. This office also issues marks, certificates, diplomas, transcripts and all other documents of recognition.


Aurora College provides a limited selection of accommodation for both single students and for those with families. You should apply for accommodation when you apply to attend the College.

Family accommodation is available on a limited basis. Full-time students registered in long-term programs have first priority for family accommodation. Housing will be assigned once you are registered for fulltime study. For availability and accommodation rate information, contact the Student Services Department at the campus or Community Learning Centre to which you are applying.

Library Services

Aurora College maintains libraries at each of the three campuses and the Aurora Research Institute. Libraries support students and staff through a full range of library services. Library collections across the three campuses include (25,000+) books, periodicals subscriptions, videos, Canadian and government documents, pamphlets, CD-ROM and web-based resources. Internet access and interlibrary loan services are available at all campus locations.

Student Success Centres

As part of the Student Success initiative, each of the Aurora College campuses has a Student Success Centre. These centres are equipped with the means to assist students in achieving personal success at the College. The Student Success Centres provide academic assistance to students in the form of tutoring, workshops, a collection of resources and career counselling. To find out more about the Student Success Centres at each of the campuses, please contact the coordinators at each Campus.

Scholarships, Bursaries & Awards

A broad range of scholarships, bursaries and awards are available to students. For the most current information on awards, please contact:

  • The Student Services Department at any Campus
  • The Adult Educator at any Community Learning Centre
  • The GNWT Department of Education, Culture and Employment
  • The research centres of the Aurora Research Institute

See our booklet entitled Scholarships, Bursaries and Awards for further information.


Counselling services are provided at each campus to assist you in developing abilities and realizing your full potential. Through counselling, you may be assisted in developing sound decision making skills, accepting responsibility for your choices and implementing decisions by taking realistic courses of action. Counselling services are provided free to students and confidentially is ensured.

Recreation Services

Aurora College’s athletic activities range from intramural sports, such as basketball, volleyball, soccer, badminton and hockey, to recreational programs designed to make your stay on campus more enjoyable. For more information on recreation facilities, please call your campus’ toll-free number.

Student Associations & Councils

A student association or council is established at each Aurora College campus. The associations/councils are student organizations governed by an executive, which is elected annually. You are required to pay a student association fee at all campuses. The student associations/councils, through their executives, are responsible for social activities, some publications, coordination of events and communication between students and the administration of Aurora College.

The student associations/councils at each campus, sell College clothing and memorabilia. For more information on services provided by the student association/ council at your campus, please call your campus’ tollfree number.

Day Care

Aurora College does not provide day care services. If you require information about day care, you may contact the Student Services Department at the appropriate campus, or contact the local day care centres in the community. There are limited spaces in most community day care centres, so apply early.


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