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Computer Labs

Computer labs can be found at each Campus location for student access as well as for the provision of taking continuing education courses by the community.

Regulations for Computer Use
Aurora College shall strive to create a learning environment that encourages accessing and using the best available electronic information for education purposes.
  • The College believes electronic access through the Internet enhances the opportunity to learn effectively by communicating and gathering timely information.
  • The College believes access to the Internet is a privilege that has related user responsibilities.
  • The College staff and students have the responsibility of being aware of and complying with the Internet use guidelines and behave in a legal and ethical manner when accessing information and communicating through the Internet.

To ensure the proper operation of the computer labs and the level of service required by students and staff the following regulations are being enforced:

Computer Laboratory Environment
  • The use of the computer labs is open ONLY to registered students of the College and to staff members through their user accounts.
  • You are responsible for your user account and password. These are NOT to be shared with other users. The user is responsible for all activities completed under that username. The computer resources are made available to you on the understanding that you will use them for their intended purpose - that is, serious research and course related purposes.
  • Tampering with computer operating system or application software is prohibited.
  • Lab users must be mindful of the need to maintain a serious learning environment and must be respectful of the needs of other users.
  • Children are NOT permitted in the computer labs.
  • Food and drink are NOT permitted in the labs.
The Internet is an excellent source of information to be used for serious academic purposes. The use of the Aurora College Network is a privilege, not a right. Inappropriate use will result in cancellation of lab privileges.
  • To ensure responsible use of the Internet, all users must respect the regulations of appropriate use.
  • Inappropriate use will NOT be tolerated by Aurora College and will lead to revoking of user privileges. The following items are NOT permitted on this network:The creation, downloading, transmission or printing of any offensive material such as obscene/indecent images, hate literature, pornography, bestiality, extreme violent images or hacker sites.
  • E-mail is now an accepted part of academic life and its use is encouraged.
  • The sending of inappropriate messages is prohibited. Such messages include threats, harassment or chain letters.
Chat Lines
  • Recreational use of chat lines is NOT permitted.
Enforcement of Regulations
  • Violation of these regulations, serious incidents or problems in the labs should be brought to the attention of the Library or Information Systems Staff.
  • Violation of these regulations may result in either temporary or permanent revoking of lab use privileges.
  • In the case of physical damage to equipment, responsible individual(s) will be charged the full replacement costs and the user account(s) will be terminated.
  • A user who has his/her privileges revoked may pursue the College appeal process as per the College policy.


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