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Application Procedures

Follow these seven simple steps to apply to Aurora College:

First, apply online at https://myac.auroracollege.nt.ca/SelfService/Home.aspx
Instructions are in the video above.


Then, write a letter of intent explaining your reasons for wanting to take the program for which you're applying. The letter doesn't have to be long, but it will be considered when the decision is made whether or not to admit you into the program.


Some programs, such as Camp Cook and Bachelor of Education, require additional information, such as a Mantoux Test, Criminal Record Check, or reference letter(s), as part of the application. Please check the requirements for the program of your choice and be sure to submit the necessary documentation with your application.


Do you have any work or life experience that is related to the program of your choice? If so, contact your Campus Registrar to find out how to create a detailed portfolio. In many cases, applicants who are accepted into a program can earn credit for their previous work and life experience.


Pay your application fee ($40) (remember that cash cannot be mailed!) if you are applying for a certificate, diploma or degree program. There is a fee of $200.00 for international students. 


Finally, mail the whole application package to the Aurora College campus to which you are applying.


One last step: Be sure to arrange to have your transcripts forwarded to Aurora College. If you attended high school in the Northwest Territories, you can contact the Department of Education, Culture and Employment (ECE)to ask that your high school transcript(s) be sent to the Aurora College campus to which you're applying.

That's it! Once Aurora College receives your application package, and your transcripts, we will send you an information package within a week to confirm that we received your application.

Good luck, and we look forward to seeing you soon!
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