Congratulations to the 4th year Bachelor of Science in Nursing students for the presentation of their northern nursing research posters, presented at the 2021 Northern Nursing Scholarship Day.

This year more then 100 students and staff of the School of Health and Human Services registered to the event and took a reflective break on Dec 1st to think about improvement of health care in NWT.

For this day, we had the honor of welcoming Dr. John B Zoe, Maggie Mercredi- Knowledge Holder and Erica Abel, Alumni of Aurora College BSN program and Indigenous nurse clinician working at Stanton Territorial Hospital. We would like to thank the Fourwaves event platform ( for their support to the event!

We would like to congratulate the recipients of 2021 Northern Nursing Scholarship Day awards :

  • Kathleen Scarf for People’s Choice Award
  • Erin Moore for Scientific Rigor Award
  • Teala Gonzalez for Creativity Award

Congratulations to all the recipients and all students for their beautiful research projects!