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COURSE195-316 - Methods in K to 9 Mathematics II

Credits 3
To Apply, Contact: Thebacha Campus - Fort Smith
Registrar's Office
Toll Free: 1-866-266-4966
Phone: (867) 872-7500
Fax: (867) 872-4511
Hours 60
Delivery Method Classroom
Course Contact
Delivery Location
Thebacha Campus - Fort Smith

Designed to prepare students for teaching K-9 provincial mathematics curriculum and to improve their knowledge of mathematics, especially in the areas of measurement including the Pythagorean Theorem, geometry, (polygon properties, symmetry, tessellations), ratio and proportion, integers, and number theory. Students will become familiar with the current curriculum and useful support materials including manipulatives, print resources and other useful media. (ECUR 316.3, University of Saskatchewan Course Calendar 2010/11)

Note: Completion of both ECUR 311 and ECUR 316 satisfy the math methods and External math requirements for the College of Education. Completion of only one of these courses will satisfy neither requirement.

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