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PROGRAM158 - Post Graduate Certificate in Remote Nursing

Department School of Health & Human Services
To Apply, Contact: Yellowknife North Slave Campus - Yellowknife
Registrar's Office
Toll Free: 1-866-291-4866
Phone: (867) 920-3030
Fax: (867) 873-0333
Delivery Method Distance
Program Contact
Program Duration One Academic Year
Start Date
End Date
Credential Certificate
Delivery Location
Yellowknife North Slave Campus - Yellowknife

The Post Graduate Certificate in Remote Nursing Program prepares Registered Nurses (RNs) to function in expanded nursing practice roles in northern remote areas.   Graduates of this program are expected to demonstrate excellence in primary care and primary health care competencies in order to provide safe, high quality care for residents in remote communities. The underlying theme throughout the program is the development of clinical reasoning and decision-making skills within the framework of a primary health care philosophy.  The foundation of the program is the development of expertise in advanced health assessment skills and differential diagnosis. Courses in advanced pharmacology and therapeutics build on this expertise to address health care concerns of patient across the lifespan. This program will prepare the RN to deal with common health care concerns as well as to provide initial urgent/emergent care. Consideration of culture and community and the unique aspects of care delivered in geographical isolation are inherent throughout the program.  Instruction includes the RN’s responsibilities for health promotion, screening, and monitoring the needs of individuals, families, and communities.

This program presents the territorial/provincial and federal legislative practice parameters for RNs in an advanced nursing practice role.    The legal implications of RN’s working in an expanded practice role are examined.

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