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PROGRAM435 - Traditional Arts

Department Arts & Science Programs
To Apply, Contact: Aurora Campus - Inuvik
Registrar's Office
Toll Free: 1-866-287-2655
Phone: (867) 777-7800
Fax: (867) 777-2850
Delivery Method Classroom
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Aurora Campus - Inuvik

The Traditional Arts Certificate Program is open to all learners interested in developing artistic skills in traditional and contemporary Aboriginal arts and crafts.

The program consists of three (3) modules. After completion of all three (3) modules students will be able to design and produce unique, innovative products. They will have the skills to create, and market, high quality Aboriginal arts and crafts for local, national and international markets. Students will have the expertise necessary for self-employment, as independent artists and/or as managers of arts and crafts outlets. Students will receive certification upon completion of all three (3) modules.

Throughout the program students will learn from ‘hands-on’ instruction in traditional and contemporary Aboriginal art forms, including: Moose Hide Tanning; Carving; Beadwork; Traditional Footwear; Northern
Embellishments (embroidery, quill work and tufting); Sewing (hand and machine); Tool Making; Tanning Fur; and, Bush and Tundra Crafts.

Courses in the History of Aboriginal Art will give students a comprehensive appreciation of the culture, and the traditional arts and crafts, which inspire and inform their own artistic efforts.

The artistic courses will also be supplemented with computer and marketing courses. Marketing  instruction will include practical experience in display and sales. A Product Development Small Crafts Course will encourage students to perfect their skills, and apply them to the production of high quality traditional and contemporary arts and crafts.
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