Value: Varies

Number Available: Varies

Deadline:  Staff Nomination for Convocation

Local 29 would like to honour and reward the hard work of its clientele by establishing a financial prize. This prize is awarded annually to two (2) students of Aurora Campus who have demonstrated overall academic excellence as well as excellent citizenship. The faculty and staff of Local 29 represent the employees of Aurora Campus, its Learning Centre and Aurora Research Institute. Through their employment in the field of education and research they demonstrate that they are committed to education and its associated philosophies. This includes recognizing learning as a lifelong process, seeking excellence through fulfilling the goals and mission statement of the college and working towards promoting student success and serving students as they seek to maximize their education. Local 29 feels that it is important to reflect these beliefs and values in a tangible fashion through the establishment of the two awards.

The criteria for this award is as follows:
• Overall academic excellence: As final marks are rarely submitted by the time convocation occurs (due to practicum’s, ongoing courses, summer session, etc…) the same criteria for establishing whether a student will graduate may be used to determine overall academic excellence. An instructor, in their professional opinion, will know if a student will continue to do so. Substantive and historical documentation may be submitted, but the nominating instructor should detail in their letter why they feel that the student is deserving of the award.
• Excellent citizenship: This criteria for determining excellent citizenship will be based on student’s contributions to their class, program, campus, and/ or community and should be documented (letters and emails of support, participation, activities, etc…).

Nominations are submitted to UNW Local 29 Executive