Philosophy of Early Learning and Child Care

Course number: ELCC 0205

Course length: 45 hrs

Course credits: 3 credits

Course description:

This course focuses on both the historical and current philosophical, social, and psychological influences that shape early learning and child care programs. Particular focus is given to Northwest Territories and Indigenous culture. Traditional Western and Eastern philosophies are compared and contrasted in order to develop a foundational appreciation and understanding of the fundamental nature of life, knowledge, and reality of early childhood care and learning services in Northern Arctic communities, past and present. A wide range of curricular approaches across the philosophical spectrum are examined but specific attention is paid to current territorial policies and their philosophical underpinnings.  Throughout the course, students spend time developing a working set of goals and formulating a personal philosophy for working with young children.  Professional and educational resources are presented to encourage further study and learning.

Course delivery:

  • In Person

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