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12/05/2021 - 13/05/2021 All day

Good business writing leads to good business decisions, which leads to good business. This course emphasizes business writing (letters, memos, emails, documents, web material) with the reader and readability in mind. In two days you will focus on new formats, writing style, tone, clarity, conciseness and results while exploring new skills and time saving approaches.

  •     Spend less time writing and more time communicating
  •     Motivate and persuade readers to take action
  •     Develop an active, objective and powerful writing style
  •     Write sensitive or negative messages in a positive way
  •     Understand the importance of word choice
  •     Learn the implications of FOIP in written documentation
  •     Prepare written information with objectivity and a results perspective
  •     Develop time saving approaches to minute taking

Hours: 12
Delivery Method: Online
Instructor: Heather Lyon
Cost: $600
Delivery Location: Online