Education Technology

The Centre for Teaching and Learning supports staff and faculty in the implementation of digital technology to enhance teaching with a view to creating excellent learning experiences for Aurora College students..  

Critical Digital Pedagogy

Technology Integration

Sound pedagogical practices cannot be separated from integration of digital technologies into teaching. Talk to your CTL team about how you can implement digital tools to enrich the learning experience for participants in your courses.

You may benefit from looking at the SAMR model of technology integration for starter ideas.  

Equity Unbound has 20+ project guides with videos to demonstrate community-building activities adapted from Liberating Structures for online use 


Scholars have started to raise concerns over the degree to which educational technology is increasingly employed in policing learners since the start of the Covid pandemic

Resources Autumm’s twitter thread

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Moodle and Teams mechanics


We provide and facilitate training for using Moodle as an asynchronous learning management system. This can take the form of one-on-one or small group sessions with the CTL team.  

You can also watch recordings of previous training sessions in the spring of 2020.

June 8-13 Training

June 15-19 Training


Learning Spaces is a treasure trove of tutorials on specific Moodle features.  There is a customized learning path for Aurora College.  You can log into live office hours to ask questions and sign up for webinars.

Selected staff members have been provided with passwords to this training site hosted by Remote Learner, our Moodle service provider.

Please contact Jim if you need access to Learning Spaces.


Microsoft Teams

The CTL provides training for using Microsoft Teams as a video/audio conferencing platform as well as a course content management system.  Teams has OneNote and SharePoint integration for seamless collaboration on group projects.

Recordings of 2020 MS Teams training sessions can be found here

Level 100 August 25

Level 200 August 27


The same training was repeated again the following week with minor variations.

Level 100 September 01

Level 200 September 03


Microsoft offers on-demand  training videos on popular topics