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Program and Course Changes at Aurora College in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Aurora College is taking steps to help prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus by changing the way we teach and learn. We recognize that everyone must work together to protect our communities.

As you know by now, all programs were suspended for the week of March 23-27, and all in-person classes are cancelled for the rest of your semester.

What happens next?

On Wednesday, March 25 you should have received an email or phone call from your instructor letting you know what is happening with your program or course.

Below is an outline of how things will change over the coming weeks and months at Aurora College. It is important that you contact your instructor to confirm the status of your program as soon as possible.

As of March 30, 2020

Full-Time Certificate, Diploma and Degree Programs   

Most courses associated with the following full-time certificate, diploma and degree programs will continue to be offered in a distance learning format:

·         Business Administration

·         Office Administration

·         Bachelor of Science in Nursing

·         Personal Support Worker

·         Practical Nursing

·         Remote Nursing

·         Bachelor of Education (except for practicums)

·         Certificate in Adult Education

·         Community Health Representative

·         Environment and Natural Resources Technology Diploma

·         Early Childhood Development

·         Early Learning and Child Care


Developmental Studies Programs   

·         Occupations & College Access

·         University & College Access

·         Some ALBE courses (campus based)


Not all courses, practicums or workshops may be continuing in these programs so it is important you contact your instructor to find out more information.

If you are enroled in a full-time certificate, diploma or Degree Program that is not listed above, please contact your instructor to confirm the status of your program or course.


Short-Term or Evening Courses

The following short-term or evening courses will also be continuing in a distance learning format. Some of these were already set up for distance delivery and can be continued without significant modification:

·         Basic Record Keeping

·         Excel: Formulas and Functions, Formatting the Worksheet, Charts & Tables, Excel Extras

·         Minute Taking

·         Delivering Exceptional Customer Service

·         Math 30-1 (Evenings)

·         Online High School (Northern Lights College classes)

·         Integration Services


If you are enroled in a short-term or evening course that is not listed, please contact your instructor to confirm the status of your program or course.


Other Programs or Courses

Unfortunately, most of the programming offered through community learning centres has been postponed for now. These are typically short-term programs that require face-to-face learning and are taught by contractors. Programs that require hands-on learning or in-person learning have also been suspended or cancelled.

If your program or course is not listed in any of the sections above, please contact your instructor immediately to confirm the status of your program or course. 


How do I contact my instructor?

You can email or call your instructor. If you don’t have your instructor’s email or phone number you can find it HERE in the Aurora College Staff directory – type in their first or last name and the location (if you know it), then click on SEARCH.


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